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Spandrel Panels

Spandrel Panels: Why use them?

They are designed and manufactured in accordance with each of our customers individual requirements and specifications.

Spandrel Panels transform traditional methods of construction in terms of brick and block gable end walls and separating party walls.

The utilisation of this innovative product dramatically reduces overall build costs, time on site and improves the overall health and safety environment in these potentially hazardous build situations.

We as a company have taken this one step further with the introduction of the ‘Window Box Detail’ which allows site to transport and manoeuvre panels multiple times without the need for additional crane hire.

  • Safety
    Working at height conditions significantly improved.
  • Efficiency benefits
    Significant cost savings both in terms of material costs and site installation time
  • Flexibility
    With our 'Window box Detail' incorporated within the design and fabrication of the product, the panels can be transported around site multiple times.
  • Innovation
    Replaces traditional methods of roof construction.
  • Labour
    Using Spandrel panels can help to address the shortage of skills on-site.
  • Wastage
    By using this product there is next to no waste left on-site after the construction process is complete.

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Spandrel Panels from a trusted provider

We provide world-class timber solutions for house building and construction
Reduced Scaffolding and Brick Laying costs
No cure time required before roof is installed with traditional methods replaced.
Offsite manufacture ensuring design and manufacturing accuracy
Less time on-site working at height.

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