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Posi Joists

Posi Joists: Why Use them?

  • Innovation
    Replaces traditional methods of floor joist construction
  • Efficiency benefits
    Significant cost savings both in terms of material costs and site installation time
  • Construction
    Light in weight and easy to handle/cut and extremely stable once installed with the need for herringbone strutting/ blocking removed.
  • Value by Design
    Product specific design expertise is readily available for all engineering and design requirements.
  • Decrease in skilled labour
    Due to the ease of installation the requirements for skilled labour, tools and equipment is reduced dramatically on site.
  • Large Clear Spans
    Due to its high performance engineered I-Joists can negate the need for internal supports such as load bearing walls and Steel beams when spanning large distances

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Engineered I-Joists from a trusted provider

We provide world-class timber solutions for house building and construction
Design Engineered to give the most cost effective solution in comparison to traditional construction methods.
As a result of increased product performances significantly less material content is used therefore speeding up the installation process.
Our product is designed to customer specific construction drawings and details ensuring complete accuracy.
With safety being paramount in everything we do our designs and product delivered to site is representative of issues such as product weight, working at height, and site access/handling etc...

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